The Wedding Photobook

Project Title Mark & Kresia (The Wedding)
Project started 04/23/2015
Project uploaded for printing 4/27/2015
Project shipped out 5/02/2015 (note that the delay was caused by the cover not being formatted well. Photobook PH was very kind to notify me about it and has requested me to change the design. I’m ONE HAPPY PhotobookPH customer!!!)
Project received (DONE) 5/04/2015
Photobook Details 15 x 11 in. Large Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover, 40 pages (P5000 – paid P1299 via Metrodeal)
Bought at Metrodeal.

000 Cover
The Cover that was not properly formatted. The message: We wish to notify you that you have inserted text too close to the edge of the Front & Back cover (Text on top and bottom).
As a result the text will be wrapped to the back of the hardcover board. We need you to reposition the text beyond the red lines accordingly and reupload the file again.

Mark & Kresia (The Wedding)

001-horz 002-horz 004-horz 006-horz 008-horz 010-horz 012-horz 014-horz 016-horz 018-horz 020-horz 022-horz 024-horz 026-horz 028-horz 030-horz 032-horz 034-horz 036-horz 038-horz Cover


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