Project Title Kring + July (The Making)
Project started 07/10/2015
Project uploaded for printing 7/15/2015
Project shipped out 7/27/2015
Project received (DONE) 7/30/2015
Photobook Details 11 x 8.5 in. Medium Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover, 40 pages (P3500 – paid P899 via Metrodeal, shipping for P350)
Bought at Metrodeal.
Note that I encountered a problem with the runner image since it’s too big. “Could not allocate memory for picture”. See solution here!

000 Cover 002-tile 004-tile 006-tile 008-tile 010-tile 012-tile 014-tile 016-tile 018-tile 020-tile 022-tile 024-tile 026-tile 028-tile 030-tile 032-tile 034-tile 036-tile 038-tile



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