The Invitations

The couple initially planned of an e-invite. No more printouts but later changed for documentation purposes. But seeing it in print was so cool that they have decided to just provide invitations for everyone. And true to their colorful theme, even the envelopes are color-coded.  With the Groom’s constant critic,the invitations was finalized and printed by February 26, 2015.


The invitation has 4 pages. 1st page are major details of the wedding. 2nd and 3rd pages are super details. The last page is the supposed to be Save The Date picture to be sent when they announced that they are finally going to tie the knot. Unfortunately there was so little time between the dates so they just decided to just put everything on the invitation.

The invitation is designed by the Bride to be quirky, informal and colorful to set the tone of the entire wedding. Putting in the picture somehow gives an idea that the wedding wouldn’t be conventional. The picture was taken in Mt. Apo by one of the Bridesmaids, Dea. The paper clip to hold the 4 pages together was the Groom’s idea.

The wedding was at 11 AM but the Bride decided to put in 10:45 to give time for Filipino mentality. She initially wanted to put in 10:30 to have more allowance but it would be too early for those who honors time. The 15 minute allowance really helps a lot that when the processional started at around 11:15, most of the guests were around and saw them walking through the aisle. 🙂

IMG_20150304_174144 IMG_20150304_174240 IMG_20150304_174325 IMG_20150304_174355 IMG_20150304_174426 IMG_20150304_175140

And because the Bride is naturally inclined to diagonal lines, she managed to discover a trick on how to put the envelope stickers at the center without stressing herself to estimate if it’s really the center.

IMG_20150303_021609 IMG_20150303_021840


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