The Interview

Even with the original date of September 2015, the Bride had always wanted to make DIY videos. But with the change of schedule, she never thought it is still possible. It was really a blessing that the date was move from March 21 to March 28 ’cause they finally have a weekend free to finalize everything.

The Bride has actually forgotten about the Prenup Interview video but remembered when they were ambushed with questions on the surprise couple shower. The same questions were used for the benefit of others who were not in the shower as well.

The video was made and recorded on March 21 at the Groom’s parents’ residence. The green gate was chosen as the spot because it was the Bride’s favorite background for #OOTD. It was recorded and hosted by the Bridesmaids Dea and Analyn respectively. The original video played in the wedding was edited by Nelo. And for posting purposes, the Bride split the video into 2 parts and put in some more details.

Prenup Interview Part 1:

Prenup Interview Part 2:

Questions Answered:
1. Unsay color sa gate ni July?
2. Where did they meet
3. Pila na ka bukid ilang na katkat together?
4. Nganu na in love c july ni kring?
5. nganu na in love c kring ni july?
6. G.unsa pagpanguyab ni july?
7. G.unsa pag sugot ni kring c july?
8. Ikapila na uyab ni july c kring?
9. Ikapila na uyab ni kring c july?
10. Asa ilang first date
11. When ilang anniversary?
12. Unsa ilang gbuhat sa ilang first anniversary
13. Pila na sila ka years and months officially uyab until now?
14. G.unsa pag decideni july na mu propose ni kring?
15. How did july propose to kring?
16. Kinsay ngbuot sa wedding date?
17. Unsay colors sa wedding?
18. Asa ang wedding?
19. Asa ang honeymoon
20. Pila ka anak ilang gusto?


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