Prenup Shoot – The Making

With their numerous travel and trek pictures for over 7 years, the couple didn’t feel pressured to have a prenup shoot so they converted the bundled prenup from the Photo&Video coverage into a postnup with their entourage. Yet they took the opportunity & talent of their beloved friends to spend an afternoon at Cebu’s Fort San Pedro for a DIY shoot.

The set!
Our photo books & toys!

Concept and style was the Bride’s idea. Props used are from the Groom’s board game and & origami collection. Photographers are the Bride’s friend, Liz & Dea. The photo shoot was supposed to be in 2 parts. First is the couple, then next is the Bride & her bridesmaids. But the time was underestimated.


It was everyone’s first time but to their surprise, they were able to achieve what they are aiming for – photos to be used for tarp & etc.

Lessons learned:
1. Should have started the shoot early.
2. Should have prepared a detailed list of poses


Message to the team from the Bride!

Thanks a lot Deing, Liz, Tim, Nalyn & Cha for being VERY considerate of the demanding me. Without you, I wouldn’t have pulled everything off. Despite your artista busyness as well, you were there when I needed you the most. This DIY shoot was just the first. Everything that followed was as good and as successful. We rock! Thanks a LOT!!! Till the next time…:)

Truly a BRIDES MAID! Super thankful to them for supporting all my dreams. 🙂
My beautiful maids in action!
Analyn tending the curtains. Charina is arranging the stuffs!
Liz in ACTION!
The couple just before the shoot!
Migo is busy!


The VERY active TEAM!

See photo shoot pictures here!


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