Picture Laden Aisle Carpet

In PH, the wedding runner is mostly a red carpet. It’s maybe because churches are very strict or the idea of a personalized carpet is the least of the couple’s concern. But the Bride, having OCed everything in their wedding, wouldn’t give in to traditions. Despite not being sure if the church would agree, she did what she planned to. It helps a lot that one groomsmen was very supportive of her ideas.


2 weeks before the wedding, she went to measure the aisle, despite the Groom’s disagreement. She initially planned a 3 by 30 feet runner basing on her Pinterest research. Runners are quite a trend in the US but when she measures the aisle, it was doubled.

The length of the aisle and the Groom were not the only problem she had to solve. She was not sure if the actual runner could be printed as well. And if it can, would they be able to shell out that much.

But stubbornness kept her going. She decided she would only give up the runner if it cost beyond 3000 PHP or 60$. The Photo&Video service had a free tarp so she was sure they can print but unsure if they can at such a large format. When she had their confirmation, she was ecstatic. But a 3 by 30 feet is not achievable. They suggested for a 4 feet width instead, she agreed w/o knowing the length of the aisle first. Who wouldn’t when it only costs Php1800 (40$). Php 15 per sq feet.

And because she is favored by the gods, the aisle width is actually bigger than 4 feet. But her length estimate was doubled. She settled for 40 feet saying the first few pews is all that matters.

Designing the runner was a breeze since she only used pages of their photo books. For easy edits & safe keeping, she divided the 4×40 feet into 8 parts of 4x5s. Each parts is designed to have its own story to tell ’cause she planned to use them in the future.

It was all good until she send the design for printing. She used Photoscape for edits & to combine the parts together w/ a 300 reso. Unfortunately, the total resolution was too big for Adobe. For some, it might be the end of it but she, of course, is made of much stronger stuff.

She went to the printing office and confirmed what was told. But she just wouldn’t take no. Armed with her photo reso manipulation, Adobe has finally accepted but with a very low reso of 72 and forced to cut the first part.

The next day, she received a message that it was ready for pickup. Despite the excitement, she didn’t open it for fear that it wouldn’t look as beautiful as she initially imagined. And then Saturday came. To her surprise and hesitation, the Groom opened it. She was one lucky Bride indeed. The runner was perfect!!!






Creating photobooks was a way of preserving their memories but with this wedding runner, it was made into something more. 🙂

Contact the Bride if you want this for your wedding ’cause she will happily help you!



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