Giveaways w/ ♥

DSC_4124With the original wedding date, September 2015, the Groom volunteered to make the giveaways. But with the change of date, the Bride resigned to the idea but still the Groom insisted. Compared to the Bride who is full of hassles,  the Groom always want his life to be comfortable so when he insisted, the Bride gave him her full blessings and support.

The Groom making his stuff everywhere. He was waiting for me on this one at JP Morgan.
We were eating at Yum Yum Tree in Rustan’s Banawa!

He started the project after Valentines and successfully made 20 by March 8. She obsessively and compulsively micro-manage everything but never in the giveaways. Seeing he still doesn’t have an idea on how many he could make, she  was forced to give him a count. They together decided that the giveaways had to be handled like the invitation which is given by pairs and families.

Progress by March 8, 2015. Not bad! Almost halfway there. 😀

Despite the hectic schedule, the Groom still managed to make 6 different designs and all of the 50 giveaways were of different papers. Each of them is unique to each other. When the Bridesmaids had their scheduled reception decors finalizing, they saw the finished giveaways and asked if they could pick their favorite. It was then that they thought that it would be a nice token of appreciation for their support party. On the scheduled Rehearsal Dinner by March 26, they asked the attendees to pick their own giveaways and labeled it. 😀

Named giveaways for Bridesmaids Analyn, Charina and Dea!

The original design was supposed to have a tassel and should be hanged. But since the tassel would cost more time, they have to improvised. It was then that the idea of putting it in a display case was entertained. But the problem was where to get one? The Bride then researched about it and found cupcake single holder very appetizing and beautiful. They were even amazed that there is a local store Baking Depot situated at Pier 4.

2 weeks before the wedding progress. Lacking 11 to 50!
2 weeks before the wedding progress. Lacking 11 to 50!

But the next problem was, would they found a holder that would fit? Luckily, they found one with a bonus. They were in different colors so it fits perfectly. Another lucky moment for the lucky and blessed couple.

Limited designs! Very big ones!
Love the holes. 🙂
Sweet and small.
The papers are awesome!
Not the correct name. The correct is Impatien. Haha!
The Giveaways 2
And the Groom successfully made all 50! Wew!


The Giveaways
Named giveaways! Ready to go!


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