Wedding Videos

If the wedding pictures had me on a high for a month, like I would scan it every time I am down and look back and that pivotal moment when Migo & I said our “I Dos”, these videos are enough for a year. 😛 Seeing them, I have forgotten the wait. Looking at the videos for the first time makes me cry. I remembered everything. 🙂

The Trailer
Background Music: Duyog by Jewel Villaflores

Migo’s interview was something I don’t know about. I was totally surprised. 😀 But a little sad that I don’t have an interview as well. Hahaha! The trailer was short but it was able to show everything there is at our wedding. It captured Migo’s poise and my high energy. I was actually afraid that I would look fugly, but fortunately, seeing the videos just validated the way I was feeling then…beautiful and thin. Happy girls are just the prettiest indeed. 😀 And of course, applies to happy guys as well ’cause Migo was just everything. 🙂

The Preparations at Summit Circle, Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City
Background Music: Balay ni Mayang
Written by Kyle Wong and Marianne Dungog
Performed by Martina Sandiego and Kyle Wong

The Ceremony at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, Tisa, Cebu City

The Reception at Jose B. Hall, Lourdes Parish, Punta, Cebu City

The first 10 minutes of the reception where we & our entourage entranced to a happy piano song and ended with a twist, dancing with our entourage & our families who joined us on the dance floor. 😀 The cake slicing followed and before lunch time pictures per table. The video ended with the trivia. 😀 The next video had the heartwarming & funny messages of our dear friends & families. The highlight is the best man’s speech & the Groom’s surprise dance. Yay!

At first, I never really wanted to invest in pictures & videos but Migo was so persistent. He said for a girl who loves memories, this should be on my top priority. Unfortunately, it was just too costly.

Why HDStudio?
When Migo & I decided that we should invest in memories, I am at a loss. Talking to friends and researching put me on a ballpark estimate of around 30K-50k. 18k for video, 12k for pictures. It was just too steep. I only want a minimum. I don’t need it to be flashy. Our wedding would be simple and DIY, wouldn’t a flashy photography be too much?

And then, on a visit at our rental, I noticed the office beside it. A video was playing. That’s when I realized it is a photo studio. I went in and inquire. Mildred, the OIC was very kind and nice. She proceeded to show me pictures and a video of a wedding. The pictures were cool but it was the video that got me hooked. It was crisp and it makes me feel like watching a movie. I didn’t yet asked the price.

They had a lot of packages and just like always I went to the minimum. 22k for pictures & video. In my thought, 8K difference is big. And I was really looking for a picture & video package in one. When I told Migo about it, he was hesitant and I resigned saying if he wanted another, then he should be the one to research. That settles it. Hahaha! But because I really want something to be shared, we added a wedding trailer for Php 2500.

Actually HDStudio is not at all cheap but not that expensive as well. It was mid-range. What I like most about them is that they were on-time & aside from knowing what they should do, they are game in our suggestions as well. And of course, it thoroughly helps that Mildred is always very cheerful and kind despite my annoying habit. Hahaha!

And the best of it all, we didn’t pay the price. Migo’s siblings sponsored for this. Yayyyy!

Want them on your wedding? Visit their office at Sanciangko St., Cebu city in front of USC Gym, beside La Mode Rental. Call them at these numbers: 416-8207 or 321-1780!


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