Personal Vows


The Bride always wanted a personal vow but she knows it might be hard considering the way Catholic weddings are in the Philippines. The Groom was hesitant considering he’s not that comfortable with words. Still, the Bride wouldn’t budge.

It was no problem for the Bride to produce a vow on the deadline but the Groom was having a hard time. Together they planned to have a “Wedding Vow” date to set the mood. But was soon forgotten. 2 days before the wedding while they are having their “Salon Day”, they eventually managed to talked to the Officiant. And it was set. They were to have their personal wedding vow and was requested to send it as soon as possible to be included in the misallete ( a surprise gift they were not aware of). Over manicure and pedicure, they talked about how they are going to do about it. The Groom promised to have the vow when they get home that night. But the Rehearsal Dinner ended very late so it was put on hold again.

And then it was the Friday before the wedding. Their schedule was quite hectic which includes the decoration of the reception, buying wine, hotel check-in, meet-ups and the confession which was scheduled the day before but got bumped. They woke up at 10 AM and was ready for errands at 11 AM. The Groom suggested they’ll have to change the order of their activities. He suggested they will start with the decorations first but he will have to finish his vow before doing so. Then he got busy.

The Groom was so lost in his thoughts that the Bride decided not to disturb him. After a while, he said it was ready. The Bride wanted to have a peek, because just like always, she wanted to know everything before hand. But unfortunately, she can’t read the hand writings. Haha! After typing, the Groom asked her to read what was written and left to watched TV.

It was so beautiful. Each words pierced her heart. She couldn’t help the tears and just like always, the Groom appeared out of nowhere and teased her. She was happy she had read it because it prepared her. She kept saying she would not cry again but of course, that didn’t happen. Haha!

To Migo:

Migo, I always told you about how you lighten my moods even at my darkest. You have this charisma that uplifts and assures me that everything will be alright. Thank you for being my best friend, my personal psychologist & counselor. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. without you, the Kring2x standing here will never be the same.

From this day forward, I vow to love, understand and support you. I vow to honor you as my husband, my best friend, my trekking, travel, board game buddy, my number 1 critic & fan, my greatest inspiration, my love and my partner for life.

I’m marrying myself to you in body, mind and spirit.

I love you so much. Lets grow old together.

To Miga:

Opposites attracts. Nothing describes us better. We have a lot of differences, from our quirky personalities to our weird preferences. But rather than weakening our relationship, I believe it has strengthen ours. We do complement each other well. You fill in for what I lack as I to you. I feel truly blessed to have found you, the one that complements me the best.

I cherish the moments we shared for the past 6 years and 9 months. The countless movies we’ve seen together (you cry at slightest heart touching moment, even in comedies). The mountains we’ve conquered (RIP to your dead thumb nail). The games we’ve played (like the time you cried out of anger because I defeated you in a devastating way). Everything, even the misadventures that we’ve had (like the time we got left behind by our plane) And as we enter the next phase of our lives, I cannot wait to create more memories.

From this day forward, I vow to love and cherish you will all of my heart. To willfully support you in your aspirations and endeavors. To provide and take care of you and your needs.

To be patient and understanding when your fiery temper and unpredictable tantrums erupts.

To always make you laugh with my corny jokes, to tickle you to the point of annoyance, to make funny faces, whatever it takes to bring out your smile and laughter.

And I vow to honor you as my wife, my best friend, my number one rival in board gaming, my travel and trek buddy, my constant partner in crime and for life.

I love you very much. Let’s grow old together.


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