Handmade (Dyosa) Crown


It hasn’t been a while since the Bride’s fascination for head laces started. She likes it so much that there’s no way she’d gave it up for a conventional tiara and head dresses for bridesmaids. But the only question is that whether she would have the time to make all of them.


There’s the problem with the stones as well. Due to her tight schedule, going to the store for new stones is a big problem. Monday after the first week of March elapsed, she knew she needed to do it now or never.  Above picture labeled 1 was the first design. When the Groom was asked, he doesn’t like the standout sky blue. Design 2 failed at Groom’s taste again, saying the flowers make it look cheap.  When design 2 failed, the Bride felt bad and thought of just letting the head laces go.


The next day, she remembered she has a stock of cool stones somewhere. To her surprise, the stones match up with all her bridesmaid’s colors. So she proceeded designing with them as basis. When she proposed it to the Groom, it was approved. She couldn’t be happier.

She only make 5 new head laces, just for  bridesmaids since she used her favorite head lace and just added the white flowers. The initial plan of the flowers was supposed to be colorful but the Groom said white is the best to keep the colors at a minimum.

HEAD LACES’ REHEARSAL on the last weekend before the wedding

And then it was the wedding day…

When the Bride took out the head laces for the makeup artists to see, someone commented “Ah, fairy2x, dyosa2x diay”. Aside from being unconventional and bohemian, the Bride wanted to project that aura of being fairies & goddesses. That comment just made her day BRIGHTER. 🙂

Bridesmaids' Head Dress




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