Suppliers & Services

And of course to our SUPPLIERS and SERVICES, who didn’t give me headaches. They arrived earlier than expected. Wow! Will surely recommend them. Their services are awesome as well. Couldn’t ask for more.

1 HMUA Bridesmaids – Bride’s Uncle’s friend, Alona & assistant
2 HMUA Bride, Mothers, MenJanna Fernan & 2 assistants
3 Photo & VideoHDStudio
4 Cakes & sweetsAnn’s Baking Lab
5 ChurchSan Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, Tisa, Cebu City
6 ReceptionOur Lady of Lourdes Jose B. Hall (Contact: Maribel)
7 RentalLa Mode (Contact: Maricel)
8 Violinist – Cesar
9 Prints – Mamabelz Print Adz & More beside UC Main Cebu facing People’s Educational Supply

I had a little headache from our attire rental in La Mode but they were so beautiful when put together so it’s still worth it. Besides, letting me borrow from different packages was already awesome. Haha! I would still recommend them.


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