Our Dream Team ♥

Church San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish
Reception Our Lady of Lourdes Jose B. Hall
Preparation Summit Circle
Photographer / Videographer HDStudio
Florist Renato Villasencio
Couture La Mode
Hair and Make-up Bride, Mothers, Men Janna Fernan & 2 assistants
Hair and Make-up Bridesmaids Alona & assistant
Violinist Cesar
Wedding Rings Gold Palace Jewelry
Prints Mamabelz Print Adz & More
Giveaways Mark Julio (The Groom)
Prenup Shoot Liz Burra & Dea Escalona (Bride’s Friends)
Wedding Day Coordinator / Emcee Flora May Figuracion (Groom’s Cousin)
Wedding Planner Kresia Julio (The Bride)

The Concept
The wedding is all about being different and memorable. Something that will be remembered uniquely to Kring and July. 🙂

New Outlook
1. The 40 feet wedding runner of pictures as red carpet.
2. Kidless entourage. Best Man brought the wedding ring. Groomsmen brought the coins.
3. Colorful entourage! Combined 2 wedding entourage to produce the desired results.
4. Modified Wedding Ceremony Processional where the bridesmaids and groomsmen starts the processional by lighting the candle of their assigned color. They stayed on their spot until everything was finished. This change gives a whole new meaning to being an entourage.
5. Personal Wedding Vow
6. Unconventional wedding cake composed of 2 towers of colorful cupcakes, 2 towers of cake pops and a small wedding cake.
7. Giveaways are origami made by the Groom himself.
8. The lighting of unity candle before the offertory. Then after the couple stands in front of the officiant personally receiving the gifts from their friends, then handing it to the officiant.
9. The recessional where all guests are encouraged to exit through the aisle where the entourage are standing. When the couple exits, bubbles are blown.
10. The combination of classic, oldies & modern songs throughout. Violin for wedding processional, taped piano for wedding reception entrance, oldies for wedding reception entrance dance & modern songs for AVP.
11. Seat names are taped to the placemats.
12. Wedding guests are color-coded. Orange & Yellow for sponsors; Green & Purple for friends; Blue & Pink for families!
13. All AVPs played in the wedding are DIYs. The Proposal AVP done by the Bride; The Prenup Interview recorded by the Bride’s friend Dea and edited by the Bride’s friend’s husband Nelo; The Through The Years AVP done by the Bride.
14. No SDE AVP played in the wedding. It was too costly.
15. Instead of a prenup shoot, it was converted to a postnup shoot.

Major Wedding Expenses
Hotel ₱10,200.00
Church ₱3,400.00
Reception ₱22,200.00
Wedding Invitations ₱1,000.00
Wedding Rings ₱9,600.00
Couture ₱9,400.00
Florist, Church Decoration, Bouquet ₱5,000.00
Photo&Video Coverage ₱24,500.00
Wedding Sweets ₱6,200.00
Reception Decoration ₱2,000.00
HMUA ₱6,500.00
Guest Book ₱150.00
Give-aways ₱1,200.00
Wine ₱2,500.00
Wedding Day Program ₱100.00
Wedding Day Coordinator ₱0.00
Emcee, Projector, Operator ₱0.00
Violinist ₱1,500.00
Choir ₱0.00
Bridal Car w/ Decor ₱0.00
Entourage Van ₱600.00
TOTAL ₱106,050.00

Sponsors ₱68,700.00
Cash Gifts ₱22,000.00
Total Blessing ₱90,700.00

The total costs of the wedding including the couple’s accessories & non-major spendings will be at 130K. But if tags will be put on the labors of their very supportive friends, it will be more than that. The couple has initially saved for a 120K worth of wedding but later decided that maybe a 50K wedding is achievable. It is indeed achievable ’cause out of the total money spent, the couple only used a little over 50K!

Amazing God, families & friends!!! 🙂


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