Wedding Day

Highlights of the Wedding Ceremony at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, Tisa, Cebu City


1. The aisle was adorned by a tarpaulin printed with the couple’s pictures for 6 years w/ the friends that they shared it with. It was named “A Walk To Remember”. Indeed it was.

2. The modified ceremony flow where the bridesmaids and groomsmen starts the processional by lighting the candle of their assigned color. They stayed on their spot until everything was finished. This change gives a whole new meaning to being an entourage. And personally, while I was walking through the aisle seeing them on each side assures me that if ever I tripped, I have them at my beck and call. It was very heartwarming. 🙂


3. The meetup of families in the center where the Groom and his Mom walks from the altar to his Bride and her family.

4. The walking of the couple from the meetup into their seat, followed by the parents and the entourage.

5. The lighting of unity candle before the offertory. Then after the couple stands in front of the officiant personally receiving the gifts from their friends, then handing it to the officiant.
6. The personal wedding vows
7. The bearers. Best man holds the ring, Groom’s best friend holds the coin.
02_wedding_rites_0 02_wedding_rites_1_ring 02_wedding_rites_2_wear_the_ring 02_wedding_rites_4

8. The wedding rites where the parents, principal sponsors, best man and maid of honor stays close to the couple as they vow before God.
9. The recessional where all guests are encouraged to exit through the aisle where the entourage are standing. When the couple exits, bubbles are blown.

10. And of course, the violin playing on the processional. It was heavenly that when I started walking, Leah Salonga’s Two Words is played. I couldn’t help the tears from falling. I did try not to cry.

Preparation Video by HDStudio!
Contact No: 416-8207


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