October 2018 Update:

In preparation for our new role as first time parents, this wedding documentation blog will now be upgraded to a parenting chronicle blog. Journey with us as we transition from a millennial couple to millennial parents in our 30s. We have also created a YouTube channel. Like, comment and subscribe. Here’s the story of our miracle blessing in 2018.


This is a blog about our wedding journey. The preparations, the dramas and the day itself. The story of how the Migo&Miga becomes the Mister&Misis!

Disclaimer: This is not your ordinary wedding. If you are looking for glamour, you are in the wrong place. Our wedding is simple but TRULY a labor of love from us, our friends and families.

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Wedding Photobook
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Wedding Runner
Head Dresses
Give Aways (Origami in 6 different design w/ all unique combinations)
Prenup Photo Shoot

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AVP Prenup Interview
Personal Vows
The Music

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Reception Decors
>Table Centerpiece (Origami Bouquet, Picture Vase, Frames)
>Guest Book Modified
>Table (List, Name and Seat Plan) Chart
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Tarp Backdrop
AVP Through The Years
Save the Date
Save the Date Movie
AVP The Proposal

Here are 10 facts about the wedding preparation:
1. January 2, 2015, we started processing the Marriage License for a planned Civil Wedding by March 21, 2015. And was scheduled for Marriage counselling on the 30th.
2. 2 weeks after, for some reason, the Civil wedding was updated to Church.
3. By January 30, we attended the counselling but was unable to file the license ’cause we missed some requirements.
4. Days until February 10 was a constant battle. In the afternoon of the same day, we decided it’s gotta be now or never.
5. We picked San Lorenzo Ruiz as our church because aside from it was quaint and intimate, Our Lady of Lourdes church would not accept wedding booked less than 2 months.
6. On the same day, we decided we only want a 50-60 people wedding. So while in Lourdes, we proceeded to check the reception at Family Life Center. It was perfect.
7. 3 days after, the date was changed to March 28 because our non-negotiable officiant, the Groom’s cousin is not available on the 21st. In a rush, we proceeded to update the church & reception about the change of dates. Luckily, no conflicts arose. But instead of 60 guests, we updated it to 80 so we were transferred to the big reception at Jose B. Hall in the venue at the back of the church that would contain at most a 100.
8. All of the Bride’s closest friend works outside of Cebu so she decided, she will not have entourage. By February 15, while scouting for the attires, they were ushered to see a beautiful rainbow entourage. It was love at first sight. Without second thoughts, she agreed to book it. Upon leaving the rental, it was then that she realized she needed a new set of bridesmaids. She had two choices for Maid of Honor, the first declined so she ended with the 2nd. The Groom had two suggestions for Bridesmaids. Then the original Maid of Honor had another 2. It was set.
9. Because there were so little time until the 28th, the Groom had so many doubts but the Bride was positive, she could pull it off. It has always been the Bride’s question why weddings need to be planned at least 3 months. She knew she just have to change the way weddings work. But of course, it wouldn’t have been possible if not for her dutiful bridesmaids & supportive friends.
10. Most of the wedding stuffs are Do-It-Yourself.

Here are some highlights of the wedding ceremony:
1. The aisle was adorned by a tarpaulin printed with the couple’s pictures for 6 years w/ the friends that they shared it with. It was named “A Walk To Remember”. Indeed it was.
2. The modified ceremony flow where the bridesmaids and groomsmen starts the processional by lighting the candle of their assigned color. They stayed on their spot until everything was finished. This change gives a whole new meaning to being an entourage. And personally, while I was walking through the aisle seeing them on each side assures me that if ever I tripped, I have them at my beck and call. It was very heartwarming. 🙂
3. The meetup of families in the center where the Groom and his Mom walks from the altar to his Bride and her family.
4. The walking of the couple from the meetup into their seat, followed by the parents and the entourage.
5. The lighting of unity candle before the offertory. Then after the couple stands in front of the officiant personally receiving the gifts from their friends, then handing it to the officiant.
6. The personal wedding vows
7. The bearers. Best man holds the ring, Groom’s best friend holds the coin.
8. The wedding rites where the parents, principal sponsors, best man and maid of honor stays close to the couple as they vow before God.
9. The recessional where all guests are encouraged to exit through the aisle where the entourage are standing. When the couple exits, bubbles are blown.
10. And of course, the violin playing on the processional. It was heavenly that when I started walking, Leah Salonga’s Two Words is played. I couldn’t help the tears from falling. I did try not to cry.

Here are some highlights of the wedding reception:
1. The reception was decorated by the couples themselves.
2. The centerpieces which are all DIYs consists of a picture vase from the couples’ travels and mountains trekked, origami bouquet made by the bride & bridesmaids, framed picture of the mountain of which the table is named. Giveaways, guest book & pens are also placed in the center.
3. The wedding runner from the ceremony is placed unto the reception at the center.
4. Instead of big overbearing cakes, the sweets are composed of cupcakes, cake pops and a small wedding cake.
5. The seat names are taped unto the place mat.
6. 4 photo books made by the bride of their 6 years together was placed on the memory table for guests perusal.
7. All the mountains trekked by the couple is placed on the guests’ table. All the trips are placed in a separate frames on the memory table.
8. Wedding entourage dances to a taped piano music of George Feyer.
9. When the couple are called, music changed and it was ended w/ a “Let’s Twist Again” dance joined by guests & entourage.
9. Picture taking at the presidential before eating.
10. Taped instrumental are played over lunch and when everyone was seated AVPs are played.
11. Heart warming messages from families & friends.
12. Message from the Best Man caused a stir.
13. Surprise dance from the Groom.
14. Couple dance w/ a dancing twist in the end. A mix of music starting from Chicken Dance, Macarena and Asereje.
15. Guests interview

Here are some general facts about the wedding:
1. The theme was a modified rainbow. The sequence of colors are Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink.
2. The bridesmaids’ sandals are of the same style.
3. The groom & groomsmen’s shoes are all Converse low cut chucks w/ the same color of their bow tie.
4. The bridesmaids’ head dress are hand made and is distinct w/ a single stone of their color.
5. Separate HMUA for the bridesmaids and Bride.
6. Pictures at the hotel consists of couple pictures and by pair pictures. Yes, the Bride and Groom already saw each other before the ceremony.
7. Prenup bundle included in the Photo&Video was converted to a postnup shoot at SRP baywalk. It was very windy but we had fun.
8. Because the Groom’s Dad couldn’t join the event, a photo shoot was done after the reception.
9. The total cost of the wedding is estimated at 130K.
10. 50% of the wedding cost are covered by sponsorship.
11. No debts are incurred.
12. Couples are left w/ money enough for a honeymoon but are hesitant to spend it.
13. The wedding preparation is only about 1.5 months.
14. The bride’s bouquet is given to her closest gay friend.
15. It was simple but a memorable one. And as the Bride would say…”It is truly a wedding of KRING & JULY”!

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